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This Privacy notice applies to everyone who access to the web page, for this reason, as you read this document, you allow Blue Icon Technology S.A. de C.V. to collect and use your personal information to the purposes subsequently explained.

Based on the Federal Law that protects all personal information in possession of third parties, Blue Icon Technology S.A de C.V recognizes that the privacy of your information is crucial for you and for us, for this, Blue Icon Technollogy is committed to protect your personal information with discretion and legal, technological, and administrative security. In addition, not selling, renting, or revealing your personal information for ilicit purposes.

¿What information do we collect?

We gather the following personal information of our users:

- Name
- E-mail
- Phone number

We commit that this information will be treated with strict safety measures, guaranteeing their confidentiality.

¿How do we collect the information?

The gathering of personal data is performed when you get registered in the web page.

The information about you can be combined to help us adapt the communication with you and develop products and services according to your needs and preferences.

¿To what purposes we use your personal information?

The data we ask for is used for the following objectives:

- To inform you directly about the products that match your interests.
- Send adequate advertising base don your profile and interests.
- Offer personalized products and services, such as advertising and more adequate contents according to your needs.

Responsible of the use of your personal information

Blue Icon Technology S.A. de C.V. through the Department of Protection of Personal Data, located in Boulevard Europa 17, Sonata Work Center 2-46, Lomas de Angelópolis II, San Andrés Cholula Puebla, C.P. 72830, is responsible of collecting information and the appropiate use of it.

¿How to exercise your ARCO rights?

We remind you that in matter of Protection of personal data, you can exercise your rights named ARCO according to the next:

Access: You could choose the way to communicate with us through our e mail or phone number, mentioned further below.

Rectification: You can change your information anytime through the application on the profile section, or contacting us via E-mail.

Cancellation: You can request the cancellation or removal of your information anytime you want.

Oposition: In case you don’t have any legal obligation with us, you can make use of this right by not sharing any information.

¿How to access and rectify your personal information or oppose to its use?

To the reception, registration and attention of the applications to exercise your Access, Correction, Cancellation and Oposition right, as well as limit the use or spread of your infirmation, and the other rights contemplated on the Federal Law that protects all personal information in possession of third parties (LFPDP) please contact:

Department of Protection of Personal Data:
Phone number: +52 (222) 223 - 55 - 60
E-mail: contacto@blueicontechnology.com

We do not share your information with third parties. We do not make transfers of your personal information to third parties.